German Summer reading list

Deutsch Happen Summer Reading List for German Learners

German Summer reading listLooking at the weather this spring summer still seems far, but I’ve been asked by a couple Deutsch Happen learners for some Buchtipps (m,pl.) – book recommendations for the Sommerpause (f) – summer break.

Frankly, this is always a bit challenging as you are all at different levels and have different preferences, interests and so on.

So, I thought why not give you some book recommendations that are public domain and include both some of the Klassiker (n,pl.)classics as well as popular choices of the moment.

As these books are freely available, you will get a impression of the book’s difficulty and writing style. If you like a Buchtitel (m)(book) title in particular you could still go to the Buchladen (m)book store and purchase it or ask whether they have it in your Stadtbücherei (f)local library.

Without further ado, here is the Deutsch Happen Summer Reading List.

Belletristik (f)fiction, Romane (m,pl.) – romance, Kurzgeschichten (f,pl.)short stories, Novellen (f,pl.)novellas

Sachbücher (n,pl.)nonfiction, Philosophie (f) phylosophy

Belletristik (f)fiction (popular)

  • Der Schatz im Silbersee – Karl May
    If you like Karl May, you can search for the author on the site and will find many of his most popular works including the Winnetou series.
  • Die Fieberkurve – Friedrich Glauser

And in case you’re a fan of Franz Kafka like I am, there are several of his works available including

Der Leckerbissentidbit am Ende

Die Schrecken der deutschen Sprache – Mark Twain

You can also visit Projekt Gutenberg for the full catalog of available works (but I find it a little overwhelming to be honest)

I hope you’ll find this list both useful and inspiring, and as always please comment on Facebook or Twitter and let me know what books you’ll be reading over the summer.

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