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About Deutsch Happen

Our website, Deutsch Happen, is to help you learn German online. Our website has lessons, videos, and vocabulary articles to help you learn German. We also have other articles about learning German. And from time to time, we have articles about Germany itself. We want our readers to immerse themselves into the German language and to immerse themselves in Germany. The goal of this website is to help spread the German language and to help learners of the German language improve their German rapidly and efficiently.


Rachel Schmidt

Rachel Schmidt is a key writer at Deutsch Happen. She was raised in Berlin, Germany, and she also currently lives in Berlin. Rachel has been teaching German for over a decade to foreigners in Germany. She likes to focus on the details of the German language, as well as sharing the German culture with learners of the German language. Rachel originally studied economics and after her graduation, she worked in a marketing role, and also a public relations role. However, she soon found her interest was teaching others to learn the German language. Rachel is also an avid traveller. She has travelled to many countries in Europe, as well as parts of USA & Canada, and also to Asia. Wherever Rachel has travelled, she has met people that have been interested in the German language, German culture, or Germany itself. Rachel's other hobbies and interests include cooking, tennis, movies, and learning French.

Adam Becker

Adam Becker is another contributor at Deutsch Happen. Adam was born in Frankfurt, Germany, but he currently lives in Berlin. Adam becker is an avid writer and artist. In Adam's spare time, he also likes to teach German. While German and English are Adam's first languages, Adam can also speak some Italian, and a little bit of Spanish. As Adam has experience learning other languages, he likes to take his experience learning other languages and applying his experience so that others can learn German more effectively. Adam studied fine arts and then graduated to work in the hospitality and travel industry. In Adam's spare time though, he likes to write, paint, and visit the local art exhibitions. Adam also teaches German to various students as his secondary job. Adam's other hobbies include photography, football, snooker, and hiking.

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