Wortschatztraining – German Vocabulary List: cool

german vocabulary list coolIt’s been a while since we last worked on your vocabulary. So let’s do some Wortschatztraining with the following German vocabulary list.

Yesterday, I asked you for both synonyms / Synonyme = bedeutungsgleiche Wörter and antonyms / Antonyme = Gegenteile, Gengenwörter to replace the adjective “cool”.

Cool is a popular choice in German as well, particular among younger people, we do have quite a few German words that express the same.

Here are your numerous answers from Twitter and Facebook.

  • super
  • fantastisch
  • geil
  • toll
  • spitze
  • bombig
  • prima
  • krass
  • knorke
  • (ist ja) der Hammer, auch kurz: Hammer!
  •  abgefahren

By adding an additional “voll” you can emphasize your statement even more; it’s uncommon to hear  the combination voll geil, voll krass, voll abgefahren etc.

The antonym / Gegenteil of cool is uncool.

Grammar reminder / Grammatiktip: You might already be familiar that certain prefixes / Präfixe, “un” in this case, change the meaning of a word in its opposite.

As always thank you everybody for taking part the vocabulary challenge by sending in your answers and suggestions!

Image by taliesin via Morguefile


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