vielleicht or wahrscheinlich

When to use vielleicht or wahrscheinlich

vielleicht or wahrscheinlich

Here is a quick lesson about when to use vielleicht or wahrscheinlich in German. Thanks to @prudvi_naik who sent this question via Twitter.

First of all, vielleicht and wahrscheinlich are part of a bigger group of Modalwörter comment adverbs that define the likelihood of a statement.

Besides vielleicht and wahrscheinlich you can express the grade of likelyhood between völlig sicher absolutely certain and unmöglich impossible by using womöglichwohl, eventuell or höchstwahrscheinlich.

unmöglich impossible 0%
womöglich if anything / if possible 10%
eventuell maybe 25%
wohl probably  50%
wahrscheinlich likely  75%
höchstwahrscheinlich in all likelihood 80%
sicherlich definitely 90%
völlig sicher absolutely certain 100%

Finally, here is a nice title from a related master’s thesis defense I found on the Internet. Can you translate the sentence? Post it in the comments below!

„Möglicherweise ist sicherlich wahrscheinlicher als vielleicht“

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  • DeCluebac

    “Probability-wise, definitely is more likely than maybe/possibly.”

    • DeCluebac

      Or: “Possibility-wise, definitely is more probably than maybe.”

  • senseandnonsense

    Possibility is definitely likelier than perhaps?

  • Vid

    Vielleicht means probably, So I think it will come at 50% with wohl, if I am not wrong