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German Grammar Exercises from Deutsch Happen

German Grammar Exercises: Tenses and Sentence Structure with sein

This is a German grammar exercise to test your knowledge about the verb seinto be in the different tenses and basic sentence structure.

You can refresh your memory about the conjugation of sein by watching the video below.
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Translating Sentences into German

Today, I received the following email:

HI !!!!
I’m writing because I want to thank you for the videos.
I hope you have time to answer my questions. I just start learning German and I find it very interesting.

My first question is: How can I start writing or making sentences?
I’m from México and I understand all you said but when it’s time to translate, there is the problem, I write my sentence and it doesn’t sounds like it suppose.

Can you tell me what is easier. Write in English and then translate to German or write in Spanish and then translate to German.

And thanks again for your help.

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