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German Pea Soup Recipe

Traditional German Pea Soup Recipe – Rezept für Erbsensuppe

Erbsensuppe is one of the true classics of traditional German cuisine and popular as ever. As most Germans maintain a strong regional identity, I don’t reserve for myself that this is the one and only traditional German pea soup recipe. That said, I compared several recipes with my own version and the ingredients are the same.

Where soups vary is their consistency, some like more puréed than others. What also changes is the type of Wurst (sausage) added to the soup. As you know every region has its own Spezialitäten (specialties).

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German poppy seed cake

Kirsten’s German Poppy Seed Cake Recipe – Rezept für Mohnkuchen

German poppy seed cakeMohn (poppy seed) has a long tradition in many central and eastern European cuisines. It has long been a popular ingredient in German and Austrian bakery products or as we say in German Backwaren. But it can also be found in the Polish and Czech cuisines.

Generally speaking, we have at least three basic types of Backwaren with poppy-seed and poppy filling.

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