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Tiefkühl-Torten – the Swiss Army Knife of the German Kaffeetafel

Tiefkühl-TortenYesterday Germany’s Torten-König (king of tarts) Aloys Coppenrath, co-founder of one of the best-known German companies (at least within Germany) died at the age of 79. He and Josef Wiese founded Coppenrath und Wiese back in 1975.

Aloys Coppenrath came from an old Bäckerfamilie (family of bakers), Josef Wiese who already died in 2009 was a Konditor (confectioner). Their idea was the Schockgefrieren (quick-freeze) of freshly made Torten (tarts) and today Coppenrath und Wiese are the Marktführer (market leader) in Europe with over 2000 Angestellte (employees).

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