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German vocabulary dumm

German vocabulary / Wortschatztraining: Synonyms for dumm (dumb)

German vocabulary dummTime for some German vocabulary drill with Deutsch Happen! Today, we concentrate on synonyms that can replace the adjective dumm = dumb, dull.

Below you will find a list of the most common words, categorized as adjectives, nouns etc.that Germans use instead of dumm.

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german vocabulary list cool

Wortschatztraining – German Vocabulary List: cool

german vocabulary list coolIt’s been a while since we last worked on your vocabulary. So let’s do some Wortschatztraining with the following German vocabulary list.

Yesterday, I asked you for both synonyms / Synonyme = bedeutungsgleiche Wörter and antonyms / Antonyme = Gegenteile, Gengenwörter to replace the adjective “cool”.

Cool is a popular choice in German as well, particular among younger people, we do have quite a few German words that express the same.

Here are your numerous answers from Twitter and Facebook.

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German Words for Money

The 20 Most Common German Words for Money

German Words for MoneyGeld regiert die Welt, money makes the world go ’round! Though I don’t necessarily agree with that statement, money undoubtedly has been an integral part of almost every society for a long time and Germany is no exception. Therefore it’s no surprise that there are many words in colloquial German that replace the official term Geld.

Together with the Deutsch Happen and Deutsch Sprechen communities on Facebook we curated the Top 20 words  for money in colloquial German.

Many thanks to all our community members who have contributed to the list!

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das geht ja wie das brezelbacken

German Expressions: Das geht ja wie das Brezelbacken!

das geht ja wie das brezelbackenWie das Brezelbacken is often used in a full sentence like in Das geht ja wie das Brezelbacken! or Das klappt ja wie beim Brezelbacken! is a figurative German expression to illustrate that something happens sehr schnell (fast), gut (well) or einfach (easily).

The sentence literally means that something works like baking pretzels!

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Gedichte zum Frühlingsanfang – Popular German Poems for the First Day of Spring

popular german poems fruehlingsanfangAs you know, Germany is also often called “Das Land der Dichter und Denker” (the nation of poets and thinkers). And there have been a lot of great poets throughout the centuries who built up a treasure trove of popular poems and stories.

If you checked out my podcast series “Sprichwörtlich Deutsch” on Fair Languages, you also know that often parts of these popular German poems have found their way into everyday language in form of idioms and expressions we still use today, sometimes not knowing that they come from a poem.

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