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German Vocabulary retirement

German Vocabulary: Retirement

Just five days after winning the football World Cup in Brazil, Philipp Lahm announced his retirement from Germany’s national football team. He will still play for Bayern München, at least until his contract ends in 2018.

Though it might be too early for most of you to think about retirement, here are some vocabulary and expressions around retirement you can use.

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Vokabelliste Sand

Vokabelliste: Sand

Another video in the series of vocabulary videos. My topic is sand, compound nouns around sand and some figurative expressions we often use in German that include the word sand.

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German Vocubulary

German Vocabulary: Regen, regnen

In Bretagne, the part of France where I am currently living, Regen (m) = rain is the most common Wetter (n) = weather throughout Herbst (m) = fall and Winter (m) = winter.

Therefore it was pretty easy for me to step outside and make this short German vocabulary video for you.

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