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jemandem auf die Pelle rücken German Expressions Deutsch Happen

German Expressions: jemandem auf die Pelle rücken

Today’s expression “jemandem auf die Pelle rücken” is somewhat colloquial, but also often used when a person is huffish or annoyed. Let’s break it down.

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German Sayings Blaubeeren

German Sayings: sich von Blaubeeren ernähren

As it is finally summer time, here is a popular German saying using one of my favorite fruit of the season, blueberries: Blaubeeren.

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german expressions apfel ei

German Expressions – Etwas für einen Apfel und ein Ei kaufen

german expressions apfel eiIn our series about German expressions, it’s time to learn the meaning of a new one: etwas für einen Apfel und ein Ei kaufen / etwas für ‘n Appel und ‘n Ei kaufen (to buy something for an apple and an egg).

This saying, once again, is colloquial German or popular speech which means that you won’t necessarily find it in German texts or literature, but it comes in handy when you want to speak and understand German like the Germans do.

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German Words for Money

The 20 Most Common German Words for Money

German Words for MoneyGeld regiert die Welt, money makes the world go ’round! Though I don’t necessarily agree with that statement, money undoubtedly has been an integral part of almost every society for a long time and Germany is no exception. Therefore it’s no surprise that there are many words in colloquial German that replace the official term Geld.

Together with the Deutsch Happen and Deutsch Sprechen communities on Facebook we curated the Top 20 words  for money in colloquial German.

Many thanks to all our community members who have contributed to the list!

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das geht ja wie das brezelbacken

German Expressions: Das geht ja wie das Brezelbacken!

das geht ja wie das brezelbackenWie das Brezelbacken is often used in a full sentence like in Das geht ja wie das Brezelbacken! or Das klappt ja wie beim Brezelbacken! is a figurative German expression to illustrate that something happens sehr schnell (fast), gut (well) or einfach (easily).

The sentence literally means that something works like baking pretzels!

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