Adventszeit Advent Season in Germany

Adventszeit – Advent Season in Germany

Today marks the official start of the Advent season in Germany. Die Adventszeit hat begonnen. It is a time that is especially exciting for children as der WeihnachtsabendChristmas Eve is now less than a month away.

There are quite some traditions around the Adventszeit that help Germans to get in the mood for WeihnachtenChristmas, so let’s take a look at some in this post.

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Thanksgiving in Germany

Erntedankfest – Thanksgiving in Germany

Thanksgiving – looking at the social media posts around that date, undoubtedly one of the most important, if not the most important holiday in the United States. But what about Thanksgiving in Germany?

Other than Christmas, and Halloween more recently, which have been equally commercialized over the past decades, the Erntedankfest has maintained a rather low profile.

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German Grammar Exercises from Deutsch Happen

German Grammar Exercises: Tenses and Sentence Structure with sein

This is a German grammar exercise to test your knowledge about the verb seinto be in the different tenses and basic sentence structure.

You can refresh your memory about the conjugation of sein by watching the video below.
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Tracht: More than just Lederhose and Dirndl

Tracht (f) is the term for traditional costumes in all German-speaking countries. Interestingly, Trachten (pl) are not that old as they only became popular in the 19th century, a period when the idea of Heimat (f)homeland started to play a more important role in society.

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German Vocabulary retirement

German Vocabulary: Retirement

Just five days after winning the football World Cup in Brazil, Philipp Lahm announced his retirement from Germany’s national football team. He will still play for Bayern München, at least until his contract ends in 2018.

Though it might be too early for most of you to think about retirement, here are some vocabulary and expressions around retirement you can use.

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