literary periods in germany

Literary Periods in Germany – Deutsche Literaturepochen

literary periods in germanyAs Germany is known for its literary heritage I thought that it would be interesting for you to learn a bit more about our literary history. To start this series let’s give you a quick overview of the literary periods in Germany.

You should take this as a rough timeline and guide as it is virtually impossible to name an exact year as starting point or end of the individual periods, some of them overlap, too.

I will also go into more detail of the most important periods, their emblematic works and authors in dedicated articles to follow.

 Years Period
 700-1000 althochdeutsche Epoche
1100-1500 mittelhochdeutsche Epoche, Höhepunkt Hochmittelalter um ca. 1200
1500-1600 Humanismus, Reformation, Renaissance
1600-1720 Barockliteratur
1720-1780 Aufklärung
1740-1790 Empfindsamkeit
1770-1780 Sturm und Drang
1780-1830 (Weimarer) Klassik
1800-1835 Romantik
1815-1848 Biedermeier
1825-1848 junges Deutschland und Vormärz
1830-1880 Realismus
1880-1900 Naturalismus
1890-1920 Moderne/Impressionismus
1900-1950 Tradition und konservative Erneuerung
1910-1925 Expressionismus (im Exil auch nach 1933)
1915-1925 Avantgarde/Dadaismus
1919-1932 Literatur der Weimarer Republik/Neue Sachlichkeit
1933-1945 Exilliteratur
1945-1968 Nachkriegszeit, Trümmerliteratur und Zeit des Wirtschaftswunders
1968-1975 die 68er-Generation
ab 1980 Postmoderne
ab 1985 neue Subjektivität
ab 1990 Zeit nach der Wende

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