German poppy seed cake

Kirsten’s German Poppy Seed Cake Recipe – Rezept für Mohnkuchen

German poppy seed cakeMohn (poppy seed) has a long tradition in many central and eastern European cuisines. It has long been a popular ingredient in German and Austrian bakery products or as we say in German Backwaren. But it can also be found in the Polish and Czech cuisines.

Generally speaking, we have at least three basic types of Backwaren with poppy-seed and poppy filling.

  • (Mohn)Striezel = a plaited bun / sometimes also a puffed pastry filled with poppy-seed (also raisins or marzipan)
  • (Mohn)Stollen = a cake in form of a bread / Hefeteig (yeast dough) is filled with poppy-seed, raisins and more.
  • Blechkuchen = sheet-cake or tray-cake as it’s baked on a large tray and not a springform tin/pan
  • Springform (see above) Blechkuchen and the springfrom tin type are often baked with Streusel.
  • Rührkuchen = pound cake
  • Biskuitkuchen = sponge cake

Note: Mohnstriezel and Mohnstollen are more complicated or require at least more time. Also, Hefeteig (yeast dough) can sometimes a bit tricky.

Here is how I do my my quick and easy German poppy seed cake recipe or Mohnkuchen which is part of the family of Rührkuchen (pound cake).

These are the Zutaten (ingredients) you need to make one Mohnkuchen for 6 to 8 people:

  • 240g Butter oder Margarine = non-salted butter, margarine/oleo
  • 240g Zucker (Staubzucker) = white sugar, confectioner’s sugar
  • 3 Eier, ca. 160g = eggs
  • 200g Mohn, gemahlen = ground poppy-seed
  • 300g Weizenmehl = wheat flour
  • 10g Backpulver = baking powder
  • 150-200ml Milch = milk (fat content is up to you)
  • optional: Zitronenschale (lemon zest), Vanille (Vanilla), Rum (rum)

Arbeitsanleitung (instructions)

German poppy seed cakeFor the batter mix the butter (margarine/oleo) and the sugar in a bowl until they’re creamy. Add the eggs and ground poppy-seed. Mix the flour with the baking powder, then add it to the batter as well as the milk (you can alternate here, adding some milk, then some flour and so on until finished). Lastly, add any optional ingredients (see under optional).

Fill your batter in a buttered Kuchenform (cake pan) and bake at 175-180°C for about 45min.