How to Make it in Germany

Learn How To Make it in Germany

Today I would like to share a resource site called “Make it in Germany” with you. The portal is specifically aimed at skilled professionals who are looking into the possibility of relocating to Germany and run by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.

That said, I find the site contains enough useful information to recommend to expats or people generally interested in learning about life and work in Germany as well.

The main point of the portal is to establish a so called “culture of welcome”. The site exists in both English and German, brief information, however, is provided in a variety of other languages, which you can select under the option ‘additional languages’.

As stated above the content can be separated into two main categories:

  1. users interested in learning about Germany in general as well as as the different German states. Here you can gather information about culture, religion, society, food and drink etc. The section “living” explains about housing, healthcare, insurance and other important things you should know about our country before you arrive here.
  2. users with a professional interest in Germany, i.e relocating to Germany for work or studies. This section provides information on the famous German Mittelstand, professions in demand and language requirements among other. The site also tells you how the visa application process works and has a job board with vacancies in different sectors.

Last but not least, immigrants or people interested in relocating to Germany can call a newly launched hotline to get 1 to 1 counseling.