German vocabulary dumm

German vocabulary / Wortschatztraining: Synonyms for dumm (dumb)

German vocabulary dummTime for some German vocabulary drill with Deutsch Happen! Today, we concentrate on synonyms that can replace the adjective dumm = dumb, dull.

Below you will find a list of the most common words, categorized as adjectives, nouns etc.that Germans use instead of dumm.



  • doof
  • blöd, auch: blöde
  • idiotisch
  • dusselig
  • albern

colloquial = umgangssprachlich/ugs.

  • bescheuert
  • bekloppt
  • dämlich
  • regional: nicht sehr helle sein


  • töricht
  • unklug
  • unwissend
  • einfältig
  • tumb


  • Depp (m.)
  • Idiot (m.)
  • kein großes Licht (ugs. = coll.)
  • Schwachmat (coll.)

Of course, you can ‘enhance’ your message by adding words, mostly adjectives and adverbs. These are words such as sehr, wirklich, ziemlich, absolut, so, echt etc.
Here are a few examples: So ein Idiot! Das war wirklich dämlich! eine ziemlich törichte Entscheidung

And as always, please feel free to suggest other synonyms that I forgot and practice the use of these new words in the comments below. I’m happy to give you some feedback!

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