German Sayings Blaubeeren

German Sayings: sich von Blaubeeren ernähren

As it is finally summer time, here is a popular German saying using one of my favorite fruit of the season, blueberries: Blaubeeren.

The basic form of this saying is

sich von Blaubeeren ernähren

which translates to

to live on blueberries

Though this might sound healthy, Germans use this saying to express that someone is somewhat simple minded or plain stupid. Here are some popular use cases.

If someone makes you a really dumb offer or tells you something unbelievable you can answer:

Spinnst du? Ich ernähr mich doch nicht von Blaubeeren!
Are you nuts? I don’t live on blueberries, you know!

If you want to say that someone is not particularly bright you can say

Dem kannst du alles erzählen, der ernährt sich von Blaubeeren.
You can tell him anything, he lives on blueberries.

Do you have a similar saying in your language? Leave it in the comments below!