How to Say You are Welcome in German

Five Ways How to Say You are Welcome in German

In this German vocabulary video lesson you learn five ways How to say You are Welcome in German, colloquial ,formal and alternative expressions.

Vocaculary from the video:

  • Bitte schön. – Not at all.
  • Bitte sehr. – You are welcome.
  • Gern geschehen. – You are welcome.
  • Mit Vergnügen. – My pleasure.
  • Bitte. – Never mind.

More ways to say Thank you in German:

  • Gern. – Don’t mention it!
  • Sehr gern. – You’re welcome.
  • Aber gern (doch)! – With pleasure!
  • Nichts zu danken! – You’re welcome!
  • Schon gut. – Never mind. / All right.
  • Kein Problem! – (that’s) Fine. No worries.
  • Da nich’ für. (Northern G.) – Don’t mention it.
Keep in mind that the little word bitte/Bitte!/Bitte? is really versatile. It can also be used to express please, not at all, you’re welcome, here you are, don’t mention it, there you go, it’s all right, never mind, pardon. Always pay attention to the context to find the exact translation.