How to Say Thank You in German

Five Ways How to Say Thank You in German

In this vocabulary video lesson you learn five ways How to say Thank You in German, colloquial and formal with more expressions in the blog post.

Vocaculary from the video:

  • Danke schön. – Thank you.
  • Danke sehr. – Thank you very much.
  • Vielen Dank. – Thanks a lot. / Many thanks. 
  • Herzlichen Dank. – Thank you very much (indeed). / lit. Heartily thanks.
  • Ich danke Ihnen (dir, euch). – Thank you very much. / lit. I thank you.

More ways to say Thank you in German:

  • Schönen Dank. – Thanks a lot. 
  • Besten Dank. – Many thanks. lit. Best thanks.
  • Haben Sie vielen Dank. – lit. Have many thanks. (formal)
  • Ich bin dir / Ihnen / euch sehr dankbar. – I’m very grateful (lit. to you).
  • Ein herzliches Dankeschön. – a (heartily) thank-you (from the heart)
  • Danke vielmals. – Thank you very much indeed. / thanks a million
  • Tausend Dank. – lit. a thousand thanks = thanks a million / thanks a bunch
  • Na schönen Dank, auch! (ironisch) – Thanks a bomb! (ironically)
  • Danke. – thanks (rather informal)
  • Dank(e) dir. – thanks (to you) (collo.)