Die Fantastischen Vier Einfach Sein

Die Fantastischen Vier – Einfach Sein

Die Fantastischen Vier Einfach SeinEinfach sein is a song by the German hip-hip group Die Fantastischen Vier (The Fantastic Four) from the album with the same title. Over the years they have become known and loved for their wordplay der Wortwitz and intellectual texts.

Einfach sein can be translated to just / simply be but slightly changes its meaning when put into the context of the entire refrain which is

Es könnt’ alles so einfach sein, isses aber nicht.

Which means

It could all be so simple, but it isn’t.

The whole song is about the struggle of four mid-aged men who feel that they might not have achieved everything they dreamed of in their life. Below, you will find some key vocabulary from the song.

[0:18] Jetzt hab’ ich dich von dem Laden über den Wagen bis in den Vorgarten rumgekriegt.

  • der Laden = shop, colloquially used for a bar or night club
  • der Vorgarten = front garden

[0:21] Wir treten nur auf der Stelle.

  • auf der Stelle treten = to treat water

[0:28] Diese Welt ist in den Miesen.

  • in den Miesen sein = colloquial to be in the red 

[0:41] Und sie fragt “Echt?” Und ich sag’ “Na klar!”

  • Echt? = colloquial Really? Honestly?
  • Na klar! = colloquial Yes, of course! Absolutely!

[0:48] Und sie kommt mit auf die Bude und sieht top aus. Und ich sag “Ich bin der Smudo, zieh’ dein Top aus.”

  • die Bude = colloquial appartment, flat
  • top aussehen = colloquial to look great, to be very attractive
  • das Top ausziehen = to take off the top

[1:24] Da kann noch was gehn.

  • es geht noch (et)was = there is (still) something possible

[1:27] Läuft dieser Laden hier erstmal wie eine Eins.

  • der Laden = colloquial in this case company, business
  • wie eine Eins laufen = expression “to run like number one”, to run smoothly, to run successfully

[1:37] Ich gönne allen ihr Eigenheim.

  • jemandem etwas gönnen = to grant someone something
  • das Eigenheim = privately owned home

Cultural Note: This is a pretty interesting sentence as it unites two essential German characteristics.

First of all, there is still a deep sentiment of enviousness die Missgunst in the German character. We won’t admit it but Germans are envy all the time. About the neighbor’s new car, holiday travel, successful children and so on. Hence, the sentence “Ich gönne ihnen das.” usually means exactly the opposite.

The second German characteristic is the aspiration to own your own home das Streben nach Eigentum. For Germans the privately owned home or flat is one of the major achievements in life. Other than in the U.S. or France this home is usually the place where you raise your children and stay for the rest of your life.

[2:20] Du weisst genau: alles zu durchschauen, das schafft man nie.

  • etwas durchschauen = to look through something

[2:40] Klar, haben wir Fragen.

  • klar = of course, obviously, clearly