die ärzte Westerland

Die Ärzte – Westerland

Die Ärzte WesterlandWesterland is a song of the German punk rock band Die Ärzte (the doctors) from their 1988 album Das ist nicht die ganze Wahrheit (that is not the entire truth).

Die Ärzte are besides Die Toten Hosen the most successful German punk rock band and managed to grow a dedicated fan base over the past decades.

In order to understand the irony of the song, here is a bit of background. Westerland is an urban district ein Ortsteil of the community of Sylt located on the famous island with the same name. Sylt is one of the places in Germany where the rich and famous die Reichen und Berühmten come to be among themselves. As the song suggests

Es ist zar etwas teurer, dafür ist man unter sich.
It’s a bit more expensive but at least one is among oneself.

But Sylt is also very popular in the German middle class die Mittelschicht which makes it of course a place that every punk would detest. When you are in Germany you should take a closer look at the trunk der Kofferraum or bumper die Stossstange. On many cars you will see a sticker der Aufkleber with the silhouette of Sylt.

Hence a love song ein Liebeslied about Westerland from one of the leading punk bands got quite some coverage back in the days and it is still somewhat the unofficial hymn of people who love or hate Sylt.

[1:21] Oh ich hab solche Sehnsucht. Ich verliere den Verstand.

  • die Sehnsucht = desire, craving
  • den Verstand verlieren = to lose one’s mind, to go crazy

[2:32] Es ist zwar etwas teurer, dafür ist man unter sich. Und ich weiss jeder zweite hier ist genauso blöd wie ich.

  • unter sich sein = to be among oneself
  • blöd sein = to be stupid, dense, dopey