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Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek

Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek: Learn about the German Cultural and Scientific Heritage

This post has first been published on EDUKWEST Europe.

A year ago, the first full version of the Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek was officially launched. The DDB has been online in an open beta version since late 2012.

The objective of this digital library is to give everybody access to German cultural and scientific heritage free of charge and is part of a bigger European initiative called Europeana.

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Reasons to learn German

Reasons to Learn German #2 – German is Spoken Everywhere

This article has first been published on Fair Languages

Last time I talked about some general numbers, precisely how many people in the world speak German and where it is an official language.

Today I would like to go into more detail and talk about some countries where speaking German might be particularly helpful either to live or to do business with.

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How to Make it in Germany

Learn How To Make it in Germany

Today I would like to share a resource site called “Make it in Germany” with you. The portal is specifically aimed at skilled professionals who are looking into the possibility of relocating to Germany and run by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.

That said, I find the site contains enough useful information to recommend to expats or people generally interested in learning about life and work in Germany as well.

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Reasons to learn German

Reasons to Learn German #1 – 200 million People speak German

First published on Fair Languages.

Reading how many or better put how few British students took their A levels in German this year, I thought I’d start a series of posts giving some good reasons why studying German might be useful and to do away with some popular but false stereotypes such as German is fairly complicated and difficult to learn.

This also goes along with my new podcast on Fair Languages, German Hacks, in which I share some quick and dirty strategies of how to hack the German language.

So today, let’s talk about numbers!

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German Summer reading list

Deutsch Happen Summer Reading List for German Learners

German Summer reading listLooking at the weather this spring summer still seems far, but I’ve been asked by a couple Deutsch Happen learners for some Buchtipps (m,pl.) – book recommendations for the Sommerpause (f) – summer break.

Frankly, this is always a bit challenging as you are all at different levels and have different preferences, interests and so on.

So, I thought why not give you some book recommendations that are public domain and include both some of the Klassiker (n,pl.)classics as well as popular choices of the moment.

As these books are freely available, you will get a impression of the book’s difficulty and writing style. If you like a Buchtitel (m)(book) title in particular you could still go to the Buchladen (m)book store and purchase it or ask whether they have it in your Stadtbücherei (f)local library.

Without further ado, here is the Deutsch Happen Summer Reading List.

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