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Announcements concerning Deutsch Happen.

Brandenburger Tor schwarz Februar 2016 Deutsch Happen Support

Signed, Limited Edition Brandenburger Tor Art Prints

You can now support the Deutsch Happen project with the purchase of my art!

The first limited series of five has the title “Brandenburger Tor, Berlin 2016” and is a stylized 90×140 mm (3.54 inch x 5.51 inch) picture of the Brandenburg Gate.

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Deutsch Happen five years

Deutsch Happen turned Five – Time for some Changes

Deutsch Happen five yearsDie Zeit vergeht wie im Flug – time flies. Five years ago I uploaded the first video to Deutsch Happen and over the years my lessons have been watched over 1.3 million times!

That is something I am really proud of and I am still amazed by the great feedback of my loyal Deutsch Happen fans.

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The theory of learning a language

What is the theory behind learning a language?

What are the best ways to learn a language?

What are the best tools to learn a language?

What are the best websites to learn a language?

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