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German Christmas Lametta Deutsch Happen

German Christmas: Früher war mehr Lametta

Früher war mehr Lametta.” is an expression you hear a lot around Christmas time in Germany. Coined by German comedian Loriot in the sketch “Weihnachten bei Hoppenstedts”, it encapsulates the German sentiment of “Früher war alles besser.everything used to be better.

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Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek

Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek: Learn about the German Cultural and Scientific Heritage

This post has first been published on EDUKWEST Europe.

A year ago, the first full version of the Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek was officially launched. The DDB has been online in an open beta version since late 2012.

The objective of this digital library is to give everybody access to German cultural and scientific heritage free of charge and is part of a bigger European initiative called Europeana.

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How to Make it in Germany

Learn How To Make it in Germany

Today I would like to share a resource site called “Make it in Germany” with you. The portal is specifically aimed at skilled professionals who are looking into the possibility of relocating to Germany and run by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.

That said, I find the site contains enough useful information to recommend to expats or people generally interested in learning about life and work in Germany as well.

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Adventszeit Advent Season in Germany

Adventszeit – Advent Season in Germany

Today marks the official start of the Advent season in Germany. Die Adventszeit hat begonnen. It is a time that is especially exciting for children as der WeihnachtsabendChristmas Eve is now less than a month away.

There are quite some traditions around the Adventszeit that help Germans to get in the mood for WeihnachtenChristmas, so let’s take a look at some in this post.

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Thanksgiving in Germany

Erntedankfest – Thanksgiving in Germany

Thanksgiving – looking at the social media posts around that date, undoubtedly one of the most important, if not the most important holiday in the United States. But what about Thanksgiving in Germany?

Other than Christmas, and Halloween more recently, which have been equally commercialized over the past decades, the Erntedankfest has maintained a rather low profile.

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