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About Kirsten Winkler

Kirsten is the founder of Deutsch Happen.

Brandenburger Tor schwarz Februar 2016 Deutsch Happen Support

Signed, Limited Edition Brandenburger Tor Art Prints

You can now support the Deutsch Happen project with the purchase of my art!

The first limited series of five has the title “Brandenburger Tor, Berlin 2016” and is a stylized 90×140 mm (3.54 inch x 5.51 inch) picture of the Brandenburg Gate.

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German Christmas Lametta Deutsch Happen

German Christmas: Früher war mehr Lametta

Früher war mehr Lametta.” is an expression you hear a lot around Christmas time in Germany. Coined by German comedian Loriot in the sketch “Weihnachten bei Hoppenstedts”, it encapsulates the German sentiment of “Früher war alles besser.everything used to be better.

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jemandem auf die Pelle rücken German Expressions Deutsch Happen

German Expressions: jemandem auf die Pelle rücken

Today’s expression “jemandem auf die Pelle rücken” is somewhat colloquial, but also often used when a person is huffish or annoyed. Let’s break it down.

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Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek

Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek: Learn about the German Cultural and Scientific Heritage

This post has first been published on EDUKWEST Europe.

A year ago, the first full version of the Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek was officially launched. The DDB has been online in an open beta version since late 2012.

The objective of this digital library is to give everybody access to German cultural and scientific heritage free of charge and is part of a bigger European initiative called Europeana.

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Reasons to learn German

Reasons to Learn German #2 – German is Spoken Everywhere

This article has first been published on Fair Languages

Last time I talked about some general numbers, precisely how many people in the world speak German and where it is an official language.

Today I would like to go into more detail and talk about some countries where speaking German might be particularly helpful either to live or to do business with.

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