Reasons to learn German

Reasons to Learn German #1 – 200 million People speak German

First published on Fair Languages.

Reading how many or better put how few British students took their A levels in German this year, I thought I’d start a series of posts giving some good reasons why studying German might be useful and to do away with some popular but false stereotypes such as German is fairly complicated and difficult to learn.

This also goes along with my new podcast on Fair Languages, German Hacks, in which I share some quick and dirty strategies of how to hack the German language.

So today, let’s talk about numbers!

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Maul zu Frau Merkel

German NSFW: Maul zu Frau Merkel

There is a saying that describes the relationship between Germany and France pretty well.

Die Deutschen lieben Frankreich, bewundern es aber nicht. Die Franzosen bewundern Deutschland, lieben es aber nicht.
The Germans love France but don’t admire it, the French admire Germany but don’t love it.

A tweet of French communist politician Jean-Luc Mélenchon in response to Angela Merkel’s criticism on how France and Italy are handling their economies is pretty telling.

Maul zu, Frau #Merkel ! Frankreich ist frei. Occupez-vous de vos pauvres et de vos équipements en ruines !

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Adventszeit Advent Season in Germany

Adventszeit – Advent Season in Germany

Today marks the official start of the Advent season in Germany. Die Adventszeit hat begonnen. It is a time that is especially exciting for children as der WeihnachtsabendChristmas Eve is now less than a month away.

There are quite some traditions around the Adventszeit that help Germans to get in the mood for WeihnachtenChristmas, so let’s take a look at some in this post.

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