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German is a wonderful language and it even belongs to the same group of Germanic languages that English also belongs to. If you're an English speaker, you already have an advantage when it comes to learning German! We hope you enjoy our website and the best of luck in your endeavors to improve your German!

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Learn German online with lessons, vocabulary, videos, and other interesting information about Germany.

The word "ist" in German

"Ist" in German is similar to the English version of "is." "Mein Auto ist blau" means "my car is blue." "Die Sonne ist gelb" means "the sun is yellow." In many ways, you can use "ist" in German as you would use "is" in English. Similar to English, "ist" is a form of "sein" which means 'to be.'

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Enhancing your German Vocabulary

If you want to enhance your German vocabulary, you need to practice, practice, and practice. Things you can do to practice include practicing with your friends and co-workers that speak German. We also encourage you to watch more German movies and shows when you can, and listen to German podcasts when you're on the go. You can also practice with various apps that are available for your mobile phone.

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Learning other European Languages

Learning German is just one of many European languages you can learn. You can also learn Italian, Spanish, French, and so many more European languages. If you are studying Italian, note that there are a lot of similarities between Italian and Spanish. If you are studying Spanish, note that Spanish is not only has similarities to Italian, but it also has similarites to French. Finally, if you are studying French, French also has similarities to other European languages so it can also start as an anchor point if you want to learn other European languages.

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German movies and television shows that you watch to improve your German

There are so many great German movies and TV shows that you can watch to improve your German! Especially with the internet, you can get many English subtitles for German movies and TV shows these days, so in case you are stuck with a certain phrase or sentence, you can use the subtitles to help you learn. We will go over a few of our favorite German movies and TV shows.

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Apps that you can use to help you learn German.

With mobile phones these days, you can get apps so easily. Just a click and a download, and voila, you can get a new app on your phone. We will go over some popular apps that you can use to help improve your German. While apps cannot replace the quality of instruction you receive from an actual native speaker or a professional teacher, it is a good way to improve your German at times when you don't have a native speaker teaching you.

We recommend that even if you are using apps to help yourself learn German, that you are still learning German from a native speaker. Nothing can replace a native speaker, especially a trained native speaker that is a professional and that can correct your pronunciation and grammar from day 1. With that said, these are our favorite apps to learn German with...

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Best places to visit in Germany

The best way to learn German is of course, to go to Germany. Here, we will discuss our favorite places that you can go to when you visit Germany. The more you enjoy the places you stay in, the longer will enjoy staying there, and the more German you will pick up!

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How long does it take to learn German?

Here we will discuss the length of time it will take to learn German. German is a West Germanic language that came from the Germanic branch of the Indo-European languages. West Germanic languages include German, English, Dutch, Afrikaans, Yiddish, etc. Thus, if you are coming from an English background or another West European language background, you have an advantage in learning German. Conversely, if you have a background in English only and you wanted to learn Japanese, which is much different from German, you would find it much harder to learn Japanese.

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